Secrets of the Abyss

If anyone remembers Treasures of the Deep (PS2), its a similar concept. Press ESC to relaunch your sub. Explore, rescue turtles, avoid snakes. 2 maps to choose between.

Electric eels (snakes) can damage your sub. Surface to replenish air and battery.

  • Toggle lights: 1 (front), 2 (front sides), 3 (sides)
  • Drop illumination flare: RIGHT CONTROL (scare snakes)
  • Launch net: SPACE (capture turtles)
  • Launch Radio beacon: LEFT SHIFT (tag sea creature)
  • Toggle information display: H
  • Toggle cameras: R (rear view), B (bottom view), C (cabin view), TAB (first person)
  • Move: W (forward), A (left), S (back), D (right)
  • Turn: Q (left), E (right)
  • Rotation: UP/DOWN ARROW (nose down/ nose up), LEFT/RIGHT ARROW (roll left/ roll right)
  • Depth control: PERIOD (up), COMMA (down)
  • Quit: ESC (quit mission, relaunch sub)